Wednesday, 18 February 2015

VLE Frog

First time dlm hidup aku thu katak ad manfaat..
Homework Cuti Raya Cina: ASEAN Community #VLEFrog

“One Vision, One Identity, One Community”: benchmark for ASEAN’s integrative effort. For me, ASEAN Community is on the right way to achieve the vision. Firstly, ASEAN is going to succeed in approaching the peace. It is because Southeast Asia has not seen open conflict between ASEAN members since the end of the wars in Indochina in 1975. Secondly, ASEAN trade in goods among its Member States increasing every year, so this shows that we are getting better. Lastly, ASEAN’s citizens need to have good relationship by making sure that we know each other. One of simple ways to bring a consciousness of ASEAN to the people is offering ASEAN food at the street stalls and airports. If there is anything most common in ASEAN, it is the love of food, and eating cheap and out. Convincingly, the success of ASEAN Community will give us lots of benefits as the citizens.

*Jangan ditiru. DOsa cetak rompak. 

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